Harvest-Vegetationskontrolle-Rohschnitte (harvest - vegetation control - rough cut) «««


2007 - 2008, Berlin, Blankenburg / Mühlenbeck-Mönchmühle, Luleå (Sweden), 3 chapters of a process based work


In early autumn 2007 I discovered a wild apple tree between the tracks of the Deutsche Bahn located on the track section Blankenburg / Mühlenbeck-Mönchmühle in the north of Berlin. I harvested the apples and made apple marmalade with honey. On each of the 31 jars of marmalade there is one image, presenting the place of the tree, the harvest or the production process. I divided the recipe in 31 sentences and placed on every jar. The marmalade jars were presented on

a 12m long shelf in the exhibition “Let there be light” entitled “Harvest” in Luleå, in the north of Sweden. In the end of the exhibition the jars were offered as a present to take away.


09/2007 before harvest packed jars for Luleå presentation in Luleå Konsthall

In the course of the vegetation control of the Deutsche Bahn the tree got cut in the begging of 2008. Invited to an exhibition in the German Federal Ministry of Justice and the district court of Berlin, I reconstructed the apple tree in one of their backyards. On the 4th of July 2008, shortly before the end of the exhibition,

I cut the tree down again.


after pruning of the apple tree reconstructed apple tree

The audio document “Rohschnitt” (rough cut), includes recordings from between the tracks, where the tree originally got cut, and the sound of me cutting it down again in the backyard of the German Ministry. In the third chapter of the work I placed a Berlin map on a table together with a CD player and images representing “cut outs” of the course to date.


Presentation of “rough cut” at the KHB in the office of Prof. Berndt Wilde, 07/08