"Strax tillbaka" (Be right back), in collaboration with Meira Ahmemulic

2015, in Azaleadalen, Slottsskogen (park) Gothenburg

cat leash, black porcelain panther


Gold to Go

2006, Nordbahnhof Berlin, in collaboration with BROM

spray paint, bitumen

Fassade (facade)

2009, Wilhelmsburg, (Hamburg)

wall paint


Förstenad äggklocka, Modell idag/igår (fossilised eggtimer, Model today/yesterday)


concrete, paint

Since 2010 ten painted eggs (made of concrete) are shown in the castle garden at Tjolöholm in the south of Göteborg,

initiated by the sculptor Per Agelii, Obviously at Easter. In 2014 I was the invited guest artist and participated with the "fossilised eggtimer".




Berlin, 10/06 - 11/07, Video, 22min.

The video shows an endless stream of passing trains running over a bridge during sunrise. The trains in motion are cut together no matter their direction according to their timetable.

stills from video


Gefäß (jar)


2005, Wuppertal

wall paint

Stadtbild (city scape)

2004, Schlegelstraße, Berlin

bitumen on damaged insulation (styrofoam, concrete), 3m telescope arm, 5m ladder

In the beginning of 2004 I discovered the pictorial structure of an open insulation on a house that was being rebuilt in Berlin-Mitte. I prepared myself by sketching abstracts for the wall on photographs. The space between the two buildings would soon be closed with a new one. I had to wait for the exact time when the fundament of the first floor of the building was finished and its walls had not yet been erected. The work was only visible for two days. You cannot say this work has been destroyed. The fourth image shows the finished building, which "covers" the painting until this very day.

Weisse Flocken

2006, abandoned building, Hellersdorf-Marzahn, Berlin

wall paint

weisse flocken / fallen / von ein ander / zu ein ander / durch einander / jede einzeln / ganz / für sich

white flakes / fall / from each other / to each other / higgledy-piggledy / every single one / by itself

NAMES - rap piece for solo voice and rap choir

2011, Berlin, for "Diamonds - Millionen Körper", exhibition catalog ( / Photo Markus Butkereit


2005, underground station Rosa-Luxemburg Platz, Berlin,

spray paint, acryl on paper

This painted wordplay includes the letters LICHDUNKEL, which refers to the words LICHT (light) and DUNKEL (dark). If you speak both words as one, you skip the "T" ( as well as in english actually!). If you say LICHDUNKEL in constant repetition, it´s hard to say after a while if it means LICHT and DUNKEL or ICH DUNKEL; as the word starts and ends with an L. Suddenly you have the personal pronoun ICH (engl. "I" ) turning the adjective DUNKEL (dark) into a verb. Which creates the sentence: I am darkening. In the painting I also uplifted further words to be found in LICHDUNKEL as they are strengthen and expand the intended poetic moment: the personal pronouns ICH and DU (engl "I" and "you") as well as EL, meaning in the broadest scene "deity".


2004, roof, Chausseestrasse Berlin-Mitte,

wall paint

The LICHDUNKEL work is a result of my anagram: UNENDLICHKEIT - EIN ICH DUNKELT (engl. infinity - an I is darkening). My anagram period was inspired by the German poet Unica Zürn.


Wir sind die Tage / I want to (We are the days / I Want to)

2005, Berlin

wall paint, spray paint, marker

This work was developed within the exhibition “objects of comfort”. The abandoned building, at that time soon to be renovated, is part of a business and craft complex in the old royal brewery (1813) in Berlin–Prenzlauer Berg. Visitors would enter the "I want to"-room and could only stand on top of the staircase as it was forbidden to enter the stairs.

wir sind die tage für dich was willst du für uns sein / we are the days for you what do you want to be for us