Possible Airfield

Possible Airfield                                                                                                                                                                              «««


Berlin, Werneuchen, 2010, audio/video installation, 29 min.

1 movie track (loop), 3 different audio tracks (each as loop), 2 booklets "Possible Airfield"


"Possible Airfield " moves between portrait-like localization in relation to the readable and unreadable history of the shown area and the attempt to locate its historical images. I make use of the ”unscientific” method to confront the limited ”testimonies” of primary school pupils with filmed images of the area.

Northeast of Berlin lies the small town Werneuchen. There I met and interviewed pupils during arranged walks around the area of their primary school: a former military airfield and barracks area that was built by the Nazis and later occupied and expanded by the Russians. Since 1993 the area has experienced different uses. With only a few remedial measures large areas of the terrain lie idle and traces of past decades are still legible today. But who doesn´t know their history will find it difficult to decode them.


As " contemporary witnesses of the present" the pupils provide private and foreign knowledge of the area´s history, creating an image filled with all sorts of nonsense and "new" stories. Their own school was a fighter-pilot school before and during World War 2. In the installation the pupils´ historical-image-in- progress faces film and sound of the same area that I recorded on video. The images and sounds of the film and the stories of the pupils present contradictory tendencies and question what constitutes a documentable reality.

Stills from the video

The three audio tracks run synchronously to the video and are edited in relation to each other.

Soundtrack 1:

Compilation of various field recordings of the place (sometimes alienated beyond recognition), audible during film projection on at least two speakers in the room or over headphones.

Soundtrack 2 +3:

The statements of the pupils are cut on two tracks, which are each based on the past and present of the place. Each track needs at least one speaker in the room. These two tracks include gaps as they are relating to the video and

2 booklets:

The text in the booklets are transcriptions of the pupils statements, as cut in soundtrack 2 + 3. Both booklets have the same title"Possible Airfield" and are not marked wether its content is related to the to the past or present statements.

Excerptions from video:                                                          Excerptions from walk with pupils (present cut)                       Excerptions from walk with pupils (past cut)

  transcriptions from "past cut"-track (german)                                                                        transcriptions from "present cut"-track (german)